Content Of The Week

Content Of The Week

NEW! Here at LAURSELLISCOURSES, we like to watch our students grow and transform. With that being said, each week we are on the search for our new, favourite content. The Influencer that wins the Content Of The Week crown will receive a shoutout from LaursEllis on her story, a shoutout on our website / socials, and a postcard from us, through your letter box! Content Of The Week is also a great source of inspiration for up-and-coming Influencers, to see how it’s done! Use #contentoftheweek on your posts & tag us to get your content seen!

The Content Of The Week Queen


Kirsten May!


We absolutely LOVE Kirsten’s latest content! She is smashing the studio look, ensuring her page to look professional and eye-catching to brands. You could see these kinds of images on companies websites! Her feed is unique and she completely stays true to herself. We can’t wait to see where this hard work takes our girl, Kirsten!

Casper UK!


We’ve been absolutely loving Casper’s TikTok’s since the start! He finds great ways to mix comedy, magic and music throughout his page. His great content ideas have gained him a whopping 111.8k followers on TikTok! Not only that, Casper is a photographer and his talents really show throughout his Instagram.

Aoife McCloskey!


Aoife is giving us pure boss babe, fashionista vibes through her content! She really knows how to style an outfit and stand out from the crowd without fear. She is making excellent use of tagging all of her favourite brands, and securing some great collaborations. Not only that, Aoife was the winner of Love Ireland 2020, an online version of Love Island. Keep smashing it girl!

Clara George!


Clara took a little well deserved break, and has come back with a BANG! Posting regular, and creative content is definitely paying off with hitting nearly 6k followers! We can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into her work. She really knows how to work a camera and understands what angles look good for her content. Not only does Clara pursue Influencing, she is also a professional and published model, as well as being signed to Sintillate Talent Agency. We’re expecting big things from our lovely girl, Clara!

Charlotte House!


Charlotte is spreading a great industrial vibe throughout her Instagram. Her content is neat, but never boring! You can see through her images that she understands the importance of lighting and angles, and never fails to create true Influencer style content. Her photos display a true, and confident, fashionista! Keep up the great work Charlotte, your work is inspiring.

Molly Kavanagh!


Molly holds a great theme throughout her Instagram in which shows class, and elegance. Not only is her page bright and colourful, it is very coordinated. That is what we love the most about Molly’s content, her use of colour. It catches the viewers eye and portrays a very welcoming feel that encourages you to follow. Molly shows great influence and we believe that she will go far in the industry.

Courtney Reid!


Courtney took a mini break from Instagram and has returned to show the world what she’s about with a bang! Her professional content stands out from the crowd. We’re loving her use of background colours to complement her outfits and her minimalistic theme. Not only is Courtney smashing her Instagram content, she posts amazing, daily health videos on her TikTok which are bringing in tens of thousands of views. Keep up the good work Courtney, your style and theme is bringing a big audience with it!

Amelia Booth!


Through Amelia’s amazing content, you can see hard work and dedication. But not only that, she is consistently creative and switches up the vibe for each post. She evidently understands that content shouldn’t be predictable, as well as understanding that keeping it interesting for viewers is important. In our opinion, her recent content has levelled up and she looks like a true Influencer star! Keep smashing it Amelia!

Evie Shelton!


We are absolutely loving Evie’s content at the moment. She is showing authenticity, dedication, and creativity through her work. Not only does she know how to style an outfit, she is really working those angles. Evie has begun to establish, and run, a great and professional theme throughout her Instagram and is surely beginning to influence the life of fashion lovers. Keep it up Evie, you’re going places!