Social Media Management Content Examples And Testimonials

Take A Look At Some Content Examples!

Take A Look At Some Testimonials!


I would highly recommend Social Media Management for any business sitting on the fence! *****

Our businesses, ‘LadyRejuve’ and ‘Feeling Fab at 50’ have gone from strength to strength since the day we started to invest in raising our profile on Social Media with LAURSELLISCOURSES Social Media Management Packages. Previous to this, we always knew we sold amazing quality products but unfortunately nobody knew anything about us and it was hard to generate sales.

Social Media is a minefield, and takes so much time to learn and understand. By signing up to LAURSELLISCOURSES Social Media Management Package, all the stress was taken away.

There have been so many wins along the way but since raising our profile, the following have stood out to us: 

Brand Awareness – We are now recognised as the go to brand for Menopause health.

Amazon Recognition – We are Amazon’s choice for Menopause Tablets For Women and Menopause Tablets For Energy.

Increased to over 14k followers on Feeling Fab at 50 – Our followers have increased significantly, but the most important aspect is that all of our followers are our target market of women age 40-60 years old. We don’t waste any time going out to the wrong people, as with these packages, they ensure we only show up in front of our target market, with their use of relevant keywords and hashtags.

The quality of the content created is second-to-none. We filled out a questionnaire to describe our profile, what type of content we required, and the type of customer we wanted to attract. Social Media Management at LAURSELLISCOURSES have hit the bullseye! They are very professional, showing our high quality products with the right message and benefits, through premium content.

Thank you for being a major part of taking our business to the next level.

LadyRejuve & Feeling Fab At 50

Sam Baldwin.